3 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Relatvies at Home

elderly home care

As your family members age, it becomes difficult for them to live independently. However, many times they don’t want to move out of the comfort of their home. Here are a few ways they can continue living at home while getting the extra help they may need. 

1. Provide Skilled Nurses

Whether your family member needs help remembering to take the right amount of medication or they have a chronic medical condition, elderly home care Floral Park NY is an option. Often, medical care is beyond the scope of what you can provide each day. Hiring someone with a medical background to manage these situations ensures your relative is properly cared for and you no longer have to worry about their health. This care can range from a daily visit for a few hours to continual 24-hour supervision. 

2. Enroll in Food Delivery

Having necessities such as food and groceries delivered to their home keeps your relative out of crowded grocery stores, off the busy roads and may even keep them from having to cook. Services are available which allow your family member to shop online and have groceries sent directly to their door. If they cannot cook safely, you can even set up the delivery of warm meals. This service is convenient for them, and you can rest assured that they are still getting fresh, healthy food.

3. Hire a Housekeeper

When your relative ages, it may be more difficult for them to get around. This can make maintaining a clean home very difficult. Hiring a housekeeper to come in as needed ensures they are living in a safe and clean environment. Cleaners can come as often as once a week to do basic household chores or more often if they need help with laundry and dishes. 

By enlisting the help of nurses, housekeepers and food delivery services, you can safely keep your relative in their homes. 

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