Implants, Bridges and Crowns: Which is the Right Option for You?

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If you’re dealing with severe tooth damage or loss, you may have some options when it comes to dental repairs. While it’s important to follow the recommendations of your dentist, they may present you with a variety of treatment choices that would be appropriate for your situation. Understanding the pros and cons of each one could help you make a more informed decision for better oral health.


Dental implants Brooklyn are becoming a more popular choice among patients facing serious tooth damage. Implants are permanent solutions that are designed to last a lifetime. Not only are they durable but they’re also much more natural-looking than other treatments. However, implants require a more intense surgical procedure, a lengthier healing time, and are much more expensive than other treatments. Still, many patients find the results are well worth the investment.


dental crown is a common dental procedure that offers quick results at a more practical cost. Many average insurance plans will cover much of the expense as well. Depending on the level of damage and the office capabilities, some people can get a complete crown from start to finish in just one visit to the dentist. With good care, crowns usually last somewhere between seven and ten years. While the results aren’t quite as natural-looking, many people find they’re a great option for teeth towards the back of the mouth. However, they do require a healthy root and internal structure, since the crown has to be attached to an existing tooth.


If you’ve suffered from complete tooth loss but are looking for a less expensive and less invasive treatment, a dental bridge may be right for you. A synthetic replacement tooth is used to fill the gap and is attached to the two adjoining teeth to anchor it in place. The finished appearance is less natural-looking but still blends in. For most people, bridges last five to seven years, although those with good dental health and hygiene could enjoy them for more than ten. 

Other Options

Veneers are another popular choice for dental repairs and improvements. These tooth coverings are durable enough to last around 20 years and create a beautiful a realistic-looking smile. However, they are not an option for complete tooth loss and require the majority of the tooth structure to be healthy and intact. If you’re dealing with severe damage to multiple adjoining teeth and are not interested in or able to have implants, partial dentures are another alternative.

When it comes to repairing or replacing permanent teeth, several options are available. Talk with your dentist about all of your choices and consider what matters most to you before you make a final decision.