Things You Should Know About Independent Healthcare Providers

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Independent healthcare providers are not typically connected to a major hospital or medical group. Individuals who feel ill, seek preventative care, or have minor health issues may visit an independent doctor or clinic, while major pain or health issues are typically addressed at hospitals.

Data Security

HIPPA requires full data security on all healthcare data. Therefore, independent healthcare providers Highland Park IL are also required to maintain data security. These independent providers outsource much of their IT and storage to reputable IT and data storage companies that specialize in protecting patient data and HIPPA requirements.


Independent clinics provide preventative care through routine appointments. They also offer immunizations. Independent clinics offer specialized services or physicians with specialized training, such as cardiac or OB training, and many of these clinics have expanded services.

These clinics are typically provider-owned, so they can personalize medical care more effectively than hospitals. Physicians can be actively and attentively involved in their patients’ care needs. They can take the time necessary to provide the best care available, and the patients and their doctors make their healthcare decisions rather than a large hospital or medical group.

These providers may also offer lower prices for higher quality care. In addition, they can refer their patients to other specialists if necessary.

Choice Expansion

Today, many physicians are leaving private practice to work within hospitals or major medical care companies, giving up their independent status for the higher, steadier incomes offered by major healthcare companies. However, they are often required to maintain a high volume of clients, which may adversely affect patient care.

Independent providers expand your healthcare choices, and many are joining forces to protect this market and better serve their patients. In addition, the burnout rate is much lower for independent physicians than those who work with large hospitals and medical groups. Many of these providers are in rural areas and smaller towns, whereas major hospitals are located in big cities.

If you are looking for a doctor or clinic, consider working with an independent healthcare provider.