Tips for Finding a Rehabilitation Facility

Rehabilitation Facility

Have you been prescribed physical therapy if you have experienced an injury or have a medical condition that causes you pain or limits your mobility? You may be wondering where to find great physical therapy resources that can get you back in shape and reduce your pain. Therefore, these are tips for finding a great rehabilitation facility.

Check Their Licensing

First, make a list of the licensed and certified facilities in your area, e.g., “Rehabilitation Centre Burlington ON.” These clinics are licensed to operate in your state, and they have received certification from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. They have gone through education and other processes to gain these certifications, which indicates that you will receive high-quality care.

Research Their Ratings

You should also check their online reviews. Look for facilities with a four- or five-star rating. Also, search for those who are responsive to their customer reviews. You can check with the local chamber of commerce to determine whether they are members in good standing. Finally, contact the Better Business Bureau to learn about their rating and outstanding complaints.

Also, ask anyone you know who has recently gone through physical therapy about their experiences. They should give you honest feedback about both the facilities and the therapists they worked with.

Search For Customization

Not all injuries or medical conditions should be treated the same way. For example, back pain is treated very differently from a broken leg. In fact, two individuals with the exact same injury may have very different recoveries. Therefore, look for facilities that customize your treatment plan.

Take Tours

Local physical therapy facilities should allow you to take a tour. Ask to see the equipment that is available for use. You may even be allowed to watch a few of the therapists as they work with patients but be sure to get permission from the patients and therapists before doing so. Make sure the facility is clean and comfortable. Ensure that your privacy will be maintained. They may also offer social events and acuities to their clients.

Discuss Your Therapy Needs

The facility director or a physical therapist should meet with you to discuss your case. These individuals will go over your medical history and determine the right treatments for you. Ask them detailed questions about the treatments they suggest and how long you will be required to continue with your therapy. Ask whether they have specific goals for your treatment progress.

Physical therapy can make a difference in whether you regain your mobility and reduce or eliminate your pain. Choose the best facility and therapists so you have the greatest opportunity to heal.