What You Need to Know About Treating Back Pain

Back pain is a common complaint of many people as they grow older, though it can affect people of all ages. Pain in one’s back can be caused by a variety of factors and thus often requires different treatments. Whether you are noticing a new ache in your back or have experienced chronic pain for years, consider a few bits of information that may help you to better manage this irritation.

Injuries and Fractures

One of the most serious causes of back pain is a lasting injury to some part of the back. This sort of damage could result from a car accident, a fall, or another traumatic event. Solutions to these sorts of problems often require surgical procedures. For example, a kyphoplasty Jacksonville FL treats vertebral injuries by adding material to a place in your spine that has collapsed.

Joint Pain

Joint pain can have several sources and is often a problem for people as they age. Some people treat join pain by having parts of their body readjusted by a chiropractor. Those with intense pain may choose to receive steroid injections that may relieve the irritation temporarily.


Muscular Pain

If your back is bothering you after engaging in activities that are not part of your normal routine, you may be facing a muscular issue. Sometimes certain exercises use muscles that are not frequently put under much stress, which can lead to a lot of soreness the next day. A possible example might be digging in your yard. Additionally, it is easy to hurt muscle tissue by overdoing an exercise or doing it improperly. This may be the case if you have increased the amount of weight you lift, for instance. Oftentimes, the application of ice and then heat can help alleviate this type of aggravation.


One of the major causes of back pain is heavy lifting. If possible, it is best to avoid picking up objects that put you under considerable strain. If your job requires you to frequently carry heavy materials, consider wearing a back brace or making more trips instead of holding many things at once. Another good way to prevent some backaches is stretching frequently, especially before exercise. This may help with muscle soreness.

Back pain can keep you from working productively and doing the things you enjoy. Consider what type of treatment or prevention strategy might benefit you, being sure to consult a medical professional to guide you through this process.

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