Your Quick Guide on Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you are considering full mouth rehabilitation to correct your smile, you must know what to expect from this surgery. In this article, you will learn about the procedure’s costs, time frames, and risks. Then, hopefully, you’ll feel confident in making an informed decision on whether full mouth reconstruction is right for you.

Choosing a dentist for a full mouth reconstruction

When choosing a dentist for full mouth reconstruction, selecting a skilled and experienced professional who can handle various dental issues is essential. A good family dentist Fort Collins CO, will be experienced in many different types of reconstruction and should be able to coordinate and integrate other disciplines for the best results. In addition, they should be able to provide patients with before and after photos of previous patients and discuss possible financing options.

There are several benefits to full mouth reconstruction, including addressing TMJ issues, bite problems, and aesthetic concerns. The procedure can also address issues related to teeth’ color, shape, and proportion. Patients may also opt for a complete mouth restoration if they suffer from missing teeth, gum problems, or other dental complications.

Before undergoing full mouth reconstruction, patients should have x-rays and impressions of their upper and lower teeth. In addition, they should note any previous dental work they’ve had. A full mouth reconstruction can make patients appear younger and improve their overall appearance.


The cost of full mouth reconstruction can be prohibitive for many patients, but it’s possible to reduce out-of-pocket expenses through dental insurance. Many dental plans cover costs, such as those for metal or ceramic restorations. Moreover, your insurance plan may cover all or part of the costs if the procedure is necessary due to disease or trauma.

Family Dentist

Total mouth reconstruction costs vary depending on the type of dental treatment performed. Typically, tooth-colored fillings cost between $150 and $200 per filling. Some dentists offer financing options to help patients make their payments. Most dental practices have a financial coordinator who will estimate your estimated fees and work with you to find payment options. The costs include your dental visit, any lab-made restorations, the cost of prescribed medications, and the cost of anesthesia. Sometimes, you will also have to visit a radiology center to obtain special X-rays.

The cost of full mouth reconstruction varies widely. The scope of work varies from person to person, but the most significant factor in determining the final price is the number of individual teeth to be replaced. In addition, the dentist must consider the condition of your gums, as this will influence the number of teeth returned.

Time frame

The time frame for full mouth reconstruction will vary depending on the procedure and treatment plan. While most procedures can be completed in one day, others can take weeks or months. Therefore, choosing a specialist and discussing the time frame in detail is essential. Sometimes, patients may need to undergo multiple procedures over a year.

Once you’re cleared, you may be able to undergo your first reconstruction. In some cases, you may also need additional procedures, but Dr. Todd will be able to oversee these procedures.

Full mouth reconstruction is an extensive procedure that can take several months or a year. The timeframe for the procedure will vary based on the number of procedures and the severity of the situation. For most patients, full mouth reconstruction will take a few months to a year.


While full mouth reconstruction can offer many benefits, there are risks that you should be aware of. These include damage to the nerves and infection. However, a qualified dentist can minimize them.

Some full mouth reconstructions include gum infection and tooth decay. You may also experience joint aches and an increased risk of root canal treatment. Therefore, an experienced dentist should only perform full mouth reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction involves several procedures. Recovery takes up to a year or more, depending on the extent of the damage a result; some patients may not be candidates for the procedure, and your dentist may recommend other less invasive options.

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